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Prince Khaled Saoud Residence in Zamalek

Extensive modification of an existing palace and design of a new extension building with the same built-up area of the palace to double residential space. Addition of a 3-story annex to be used as a guest House Building and a basement for luxury cars.

Wassef Design Office carried on the design of this project in association with a British architect Richard Nightingale, a structural Engineering Firm Price and Myers, Fulcrum for Electromechanical Design and Gardener and Theobold for Quantity Surveying.

The existing palace building has three stories and one below-grade level. The entry of the existing palace was redesigned and the upper floors renovated, and a new extension to the palace was designed to double the existing 1,500 residential space. A guest’s annex was created near the back entrance. The facade remains virtually unchanged except for the new expansion which was design to match the existing one.

Factors that motivated the renovation included the installation of the building’s first freight elevator and the need for space for new air-conditioning and heating equipment at the roof, next to the quarters of the servants staff. The landscaping was an important part of this project as the existing gardens housed rare plants.

The structural design for the framing plans was solid slab with beams. Cut-outs were left for the utilities and services for the Electro-mechanical services.