Wassef Design Group (WDG) is a multi-disciplinary architecture and engineering firm located in Cairo, Egypt. Founded in 1979 as Wassef Design Office by brothers Consulting Engineer Sherif Wassef and Consultant Architect Nagui Wassef, the firm is committed to providing high quality, professional services in the fields of architecture, structural & civil engineering, landscape design, interiors, construction consulting and project management.

The Group’s services cover a broad range of domestic, multi-national and international clients in several industries from educationl institutions and commercial projects to remodeling and residential projects. The firm’s objective is simple: to find sustainable and cost-effective solutions for clients, regardless of size or complexity.

Over the years, WDG has built strong relationships with international firms, with whom strategic partnerships have resulted in joint-team efforts providing unrivaled service and expertise.

Three Guiding Principles

Dedication to Excellence
WDG aims to provide top quality professional services, diligence in fulfilling responsibilities, and integrity in business practices. The primary goal is to provide skilled, competent work which will result in projects with enduring value and benefit to its clients and the general public.

Commitment to Clients
WDG operates on the premise that clients are the lifeline to its existence. The Group insists that each member of the team recognize and affirm the importance of the client’s goals and objectives insofar as those objectives fall within the constraints of the professional ethics the firm is dedicated to upholding.

Obligation to Employees
WDG recognizes that people are its most valuable asset. Thus, the Group is obligated to helping each employee find professional and personal satisfaction as a contributing member of the team. WDG strives to offer a professional working environment and corporate attitude that promotes a successful, long-term relationship between the employee and the firm.