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Johnson Wax
Administration Building
Wassef Design Group was commissioned by Johnson Wax Egypt to carry on a site survey and a structural integrity study for their existing office building. WDG collected all information about the administration building located on Belbeis highway, and checked the existing structural drawings. Visual conditions surveys, non-destructive tests and cores from existing columns were conducted. We noted any cracks, deflections, deformations, inclinations, damage, water stains, spalls, corrosion, rot, etc. Information was recorded in photographs, electronic images and drawings.We then submitted a comprehensive well documented structural investigation report, which was the basis of a construction document with a set of drawings tendered to specialised repair contractors. The building was renovated and brought to standards, replacing some failed columns, beams and the addition of a new floor with a steel framing roof.

An annex building was added to provide new open space office area, business offices, conference rooms, kitchen and restaurant for 120 persons. The building is surrounded by a complete irrigation draining system to protect building foundations against water irrigation. The professional services provided were in the field of architecture, structure, mechanical, electrical and supervision of construction.

WDG was commissioned by Johnson wax Egypt to design their new factory on the Highway to Belbeis; done in association with Johnson Wax International Engineering Management. The factory consisted of three main buildings, the new filling hall with a new administration annex, the process building and the gaz house, and smaller annex industrial buildings.

WDG services covered all disciplines starting with the architectural design, the structural engineering for concrete and steel works, the mechanical plumbing, mechanical HVAC, fire fighting works, and electrical works. The assignment included specifications of the works, in addition to a performance brief for the industrial works jointly with Johnson Wax engineering team, in additional to a bill of quantities.

WDG services were extended to include project management for a multi-package contract with various contractors. Their assignment included monitoring the progress of industrial works from the equipment erection.