Electro-mechanical Engineering

WDG employes a variety of in-house or freelance electro-mechanical and security consulting engineers with complete capability from consulting through to commissioning. With associate partners we plan, design and build technically superior facilities that are key to the success of our clients, who benefit from the turnkey ease of a single-source supplier.

WDG as part of its LEEDS services, are promoting the use of natural and passive systems as primary means of heating/cooling/ventilating/lighting a building where appropriate, right-sizing and optimizing mechanical and electrical systems to support the passive solutions during peak conditions, incorporating on-site renewable power technologies to provide clean and abundant power for the optimized building and systems, thereby mitigating the carbon and material waste, and environmentally harmful emissions associated with oversized and inefficient buildings and system.

WDG consulting services provide a single-source solution to owners and design team partners in providing mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services, along with technology and telecommunications system design services.

WDG provides clients with comprehensive and innovative security consulting services. In addition, we plan and design transportation systems including elevators and escalators. Each project is performed under strict guidance from our partners in charge.