WDG’s decision to focus on team oriented infrastructures project is a reflection of Mr. Sherif Wassef’s participation in large public works throughout the formative years of his engineering career. Mr. Sherif Wassef’s national and international experience with previous employers provided a broad exposure to the technical and engineering challenges with large scale infrastructure projects.

The field of Infrastructures services is a major component of Civil Engineering. It involves planning, design and construction of all outside spaces which are developed for human use. Included are transportation, water resources, seweage management, and geotechnical systems that accommodate the needs of the society. Civil engineers provide the link between nature at its raw state and human utilization of outside spaces. The degree of success in merging nature and society is primarily influenced by the competence, skill and diligence of the civil engineer.

WDG provides a broad range of services jointly with their affiliate partners in the field of Infrastructures:

  • Water Resources
    • Pumping Stations
    • Elevated and Ground Water Tanks
    • Water transmission and distribution
    • Water Supply reservoirs, Intake structures
    • Waste water collection and pumping systems
    • Waste water treatment, and disposal
  • Transportation
    • Airports
    • Highways, Roads and streets
    • Parking studies facilities
  • Surveying
    • Quantity Surveys
    • Topographic Mapping
    • Property Surveys
  • Construction Services
    • Construction Management
    • Construction monitoring
    • Materials Evaluation
    • Preconstruction Surveys