Investigations, Restructuring and Restoration


WDG conducts structural investigations of both historic and non-historic buildings to determine if anything is wrong with an existing structure. All available technologies are used, from visual observation to sophisticated non-destructive techniques. Collection of all information about the building includes checking the availability of existing drawings, particularly framing plans, column schedules and details; information on floor systems and wall thicknesses and interviews with all persons involved in the management and maintenance of the building.

WDG also conducts visual conditions surveys, without making any destructive probes. These consist of visual observations. Notation of any cracks, deflections, deformations, inclinations, damage, water stains, spalls, corrosion, rot, etc. are made and recorded with photographs, electronic images and drawings. The end result is a comprehensive well documented structural investigation report of the particular building or element under study.

Restructuring and Restoration

Wassef Design Group is very sensitive to the requirements of its clients for historic buildings to disturb as little of the original fabric as possible, by preserving original characters with minimum and correct interference as much as possible. The main principle in restoration studies is to regard with special attention to structures under protection which are certificates of our cultural identification and to perform documentation, analysis, preparation of project and evaluation studies under architectural discipline with great care.

The restructuring and restoration works will involve all architecture and engineering activities. By investigating original character of the structure, the most acceptable and accurate solutions for the structure, user and utilization are produced.