Security Design Services

Security Design Services address physical characteristic of buildings and blast resistance design. With more than 40 years of conventional structural design and security design experience on Embassy buildings, WDG is more qualified than any other engineering firm to provide physical security services due to their past experience with large embassy office buildings since 1983. We have worked extensively with architects, building owners, and public agencies to assess vulnerability to multiple hazards and provide balanced and economical mitigation for structure types — embassies, bank office buildings, and schools. WDG pay attention to aesthetics while designing for blast resistance, or carrying on blasting resistance enhancement of existing buildings. WDG try to minimize the impact of their recommendations for protection on architectural features and on schedule and cost.

The security design projects require:

  • a survey of existing conditions;
  • collection of information from the original structural, architectural, and window shop drawings
  • a site investigation.
  • Structural design and analysis to prevent progressive collapse.
  • extensive coordination with the architect, the Authority / Client, the specification writers and cost estimators.