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Sofitel Tourist Resort – Taba

Wassef Design Group provided structural design services for the Accor Egypt Company. The design was in full coordination with the Architectural design of a U.S. firm with a theme of a lost pharaonic city.

The site is located at an impressive spot from which Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel on 400,000 square meters. This 60,000 square meters tourist resort consists of 400 hotel rooms, restaurant facilities building, utilities building, water tank, health club building, and a very large free form swimming pool.

Wassef Design Group chose concrete construction with flat slabs for the hotel rooms, concrete vaults and domes for the restaurant and public facilities building as a framing plan to satisfy natural air quality and temperature criteria. By using vaults and domes, the tourist resorts uses 40% less energy than a comparable one of flat slab construction, for a significant projected savings in running costs per year.