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Various Church Renovations
Religious buildings are a heritage donated from our ancestors and WDG feels it is our duty and that of future generations to maintain, operate, and deliver the churches in an equally good condition with the same beauty and glory as was bestowed to us. In spite of the difficulty of dealing with old buildings, Wassef Design Group felt an obligation to initiate and serve the churches sector with a responsibility to adopt a renovation process which maintains the original shell, structure, features and motives, including:

  • Structural and crack repairs.
  • Upgrade exterior and interior imbedded utilities infrastructure.
  • Water proofing at roofs.
  • Installation of new HVAC system
  • Renovate interior and exterior plaster and paint.
  • Renovate exterior facades and window colored glazing.

WDG has offered its services to various churches around the country including:

  • Greek Catholic Cathedral, Cairo
  • Greek Catholic Patriarchate, Cairo
  • Basilique Notre Dame, Heliopolis
  • Saint Cyril Church, Heliopolis
  • Maronite Church, Heliopolis
  • Holy Virgin Mary Polyclinic & Old Age Home, Heliopolis
  • Dormition Greek Caholic Church, Mansoura
  • Annunciation Greek Caholic Church, Tanta
  • St. Elias Church and Residence, Port Said